Missouri River Fishing Report

Missouri River Fishing Report 11.5.13

Missouri River Fishing Report for the week of November 5th. Tuesday and all is well. Not many folks around and we like that. We also like the rising trout. Lots.

While the hatches are not epic, the fishing is. The lack of pressure really lets those fish get comfortable. And, catchable.

Missouri River Fishing Report 11.5.13

A few Missouri River techniques for the month ahead

Dry fly: The preferred November technique. Or streamer fishing. But let’s stay with the dry for th time being. Blind fish it, spot fish it, or set up on some sippers and present carefully. You wil get them. Cripples, Adams, emergers. You know the drill by now. Don’t you?

Streamer Fishing: Many engaged in this method to get the big boys in the fall. We agree. Toss it out there repeatedly for your hook jawed friends. Black Buggers are on fire, we think. Some guests stating that tit is working. And we agree. If you had only one streamer for the Missouri River, it would most likely be the black bugger. Smaller is better? No?

Also in the mix are the regular suspects like the R2R in all 3 flavors, Skiddish Smolt, Arnold’s Sculpin, Jawbreaker, White Urchin, Yellow Yummy, Clousers…lots of Clousers! Lots. Skinny profiled flies work well on the mIssouri River.

Dry-Dropper: Really effective for rising trout, and for just rolling down the river with a beer in the hand. An Adams and a small PT. Word.

Short Leashin’: Tie on a couple nimps and get after it. Not much pressure out there so toss it in thin water and watch closely. PT’s & derivations there of, Scuds, Sows, and the normal nymphing fare.

Deep Nymphing: Why? Save that for winter. With the Pink Parade of Flies!

Two Handed Trout Rods…coming soon too. A few fellers out there knocking the rust off. Headhunters expecting the full shipment of two handed lines, tips, rods on the 11th. We have stuff in stock now, more on the way. Your Two Handed source on the Missouri River is at the locals shop in Craig MT, Headhunters.

Weather for the week ahead? Some snow, some sun, some wind, some sleet, some fun…


Headhunters Fly Shop is your all seasons fly shop on the Missouri River. Open 7 days a  week, all year long. Open @ 8am and open til 6pm, at least 5pm. Free coffee daily, tons of bullshit mixed in-betwixt honest information, shuttles, guide services, flies, rigging techniques, casting instruction…anything your need for Montana’s Missouri River.



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