Missouri River Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 8.10.13

The fishing is good all day long. Great in the mornings. Not as good in the late afternoons. Some days with overcast skies the rising fish will hold on longer. High and bright? Not a s good all day.

Even the nymphing. The real good news is the pressure on all reaches of river is minimal. If you do not like July because of the crowds, then this is your time to shine.

Missouri River Fishing Report

The mornings and the Trico’s are terrific. Get out early and get on some fish. The hatch comes off about 8am, well strong at 8am followed by the spinner fall at about nine. On good days they can fall for hours and the fishing is great. Technical and difficult at times? Yes. But we like it that way. Who said it was going to be easy? Nobody here man.

Spinners emergers and cripples are good angles for flies to achieve success. Or, try cluster midges patterns and Buzzballs. The Reneball is cool too. The Orange Reneball is awesome for imitating an ant, a cluster, or anything you like it too. Looks like good trout food.

Caddis is not as hot as they were a seek or two ago. You can still catch fish on them. A good pattern for searching riffles or blind fishing down the center. If you find a fish that will not eat a Trico, try the caddis. A skittering pattern would be our suggestion. Small too.

PMD’s have left the building. You may see some occasional micro hatches and spinner falls. But only rarely.

Hoppers and terrestrials should fill your afternoons. Tie on a hopper of your choice and let it ride. Ants, beetles, and the like are in the mix. Stop by for an update on your Grasshopper box. We got all the cool foamies bro-bra.

Missouri River Weather


Warmer weather and some Thunderstorms looming. Rain is also on the menu for the coming week. Rainjackets and rainpants in the boat bags is a good idea.

The flows are just above the 3K mark and water temps in the 65F region. Lower at night, higher during the day. Scumliner remarked today that the fish are fighting hard and well. I agree. He asked if I remember the mid 2000’s and the drought years when the fish layed over and were dragged in to the net. We are not even in the same universe as those days.

Headhunters Open Daily

Shop open daily @ 6am and til 9pm. Soon we will close at 8pm but still be open early. Those who get out early have been smiling later int he day, during the siesta on Headhunters Porch. We will also be CLOSED one day next week for an employee party. Monday August 19th Headhunters Fly Shop & Guide Service will be closed for the day.

We have a good sale rack rocking and soon the 2013 DEMO RODS will be on sale too. Come in and pick yours out today. New fly lines are rolling out as mid season new product releases from both RIO and Airflo have got many damn excited. Try the Exceed and the Perception today at the shop. Also the SAGE Method is on the rack. The replacement fro the TCX. Try it on our casting lane. You will like the power and the accuracy of this fine fly rod.

Shuttles, flies, raingear, line cleaner, GINK, Flyagra, 6X tippet, Trico flies, YETI Coolers…


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