Missouri River Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 8.19.13

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Missouri River Montana Fishing Report for August 19th. The short and sweet edition. The weather for the week is average with highs in the 80’s and nighttime lows in the mid 50’s accompanied by light winds. Historically average. The flows are holding @ 3100cfs with water temps beginning @ 64F ending the afternoon @ 66F. Not bad at all.

Some weeds in the river can frustrate some, not others. The higher up you fish the fewer weeds. Although the lower is relatively clean as the rapids, our huge rapids , shake out the weeds…somehow? So, high or low are the most common ways to avoid our mid summer weed frustration. Cast them off with high line speed maneuvers. Just do it.

Missouri River Fishing Report | August 19th

The Upper River

Good nymphing in the morning session with sometimes strong fishing in the afternoons. Use a small nymph rig medium to short for success. Small Trico nymphs and mayflies will do the trick most of the time. Sow bugs are also a great idea. Caddis Pupa’s? Yep.

Trico’s in the morning lasting til a little past noon. The spinner falls are epic. Some fish feeding. Hunt ’em up.

Try a hopper or terrestrial in the afternoons for some weak at best success. But it is a dry. Right?

Missouri River Fishing Report
1 Trico, 2 Trico, 3 Trico, 4…

Middle River

Not much pressure at all. Go here if you need to be alone. Good fishing can be had of course, as there is not much competition. A few fish to hand with no neighbors? Perfect.

Trico hatches in the morning as well here, good stuff. Some fish feeding on the spinner, the dun, the emerger. Fun.

A good to not so good bushy fly run too.

Lower River

Some pressure in this region. It pays to be out front. Get to the fish first and you may have some success. Many are running the big fly all day long here. Go for it. You may like it. It is low and slow my friends. Find the good stuff.

Trico’s daily here too.

Missouri River Weather


Good availability for the remainder of the month. Call or drop us a line via email if you are passing through and want to hook a few trouts on the Mighty Missouri River. Shop open daily, except today Monday the 19th, for any of your Missouri River Fly Fishing needs. Lodging for the fall is something you need to roll around in your mind, then call us for reservations.

This fall is looking strong as our water temps will drop faster than normal due to the lower volume of water, so…plan ahead and watch y=this information pipeline for up to the minute honest and transparent fishing reports.

See you on the Trico flats casting to sipping browns.

Missouri River Fishing Report
Trico Tails Montana’s Missouri River



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