Missouri River Fishing Report

Missouri River Fishing Report 9.20.13

Good to great depending on who you talk to. The fishing can be real good if you get the flies in front of the fish. The difficult part of fly fishing the Missouri, is just that. Getting the fly in front of the feeders, the feeding trout. If you are, you will be rewarded.

Quite a few anglers here on the Missouri River soaking up the early fall vibe and using the net a lot. Some dry fly fishing is occurring with the blind side of life and an occasional Psuedo feeder in the afternoons. Those fish will get on the bite as the month progresses.

Missouri River Fishing Report

We are enjoying the good fishing here at Headhunters. What can you expect the next few weeks here on the Missouri River?

Increase in Psuedo activity. These are those damn small mayflies that will drive yo nuts. Smart fella’s leave these feeders behind them. Those who like punishment drop the anchor and spend time…lots of time.

Decrease in water temps and length of day. The fall closes in on us as the days get shorter. Along with that we get cooler mornings and later start times. The fishing improves as the afternoons become comfortable with 60’s prevailing.

Later fishing in the evenings. We will soon be fishing til dark daily. As the BWO’s arrive, we love to be on the baetis beat at 1pmish. Then wander around with dry fly rod in hand til dark.

Streamer fishing all day long. It will get pretty consistent. Get a new streamer line this fall and have a ball stripping big boys from the shallows, from the flats, and some form the depths.

Nymphorama. Great nymphing through Thanksgiving. Then more…

Weather is finding us in a perfect pattern. Crisp mornings with fog on t he river, and nice long afternoons. Football on the TV and Baseball leading down the playoff road.

Ahh, we love fall.


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