Missouri River Foundation

Missouri River Foundation

The Missouri River Foundation

Right now, it couldn’t be better.

The Missouri has the biggest trout of any river around – healthy, hefty, strong, hard fighting fish.  The water runs cold and clear, the bugs thrive and the hatches are spectacular.  And, there’s lots of public access.

Right now…

But what if there’s more upstream development?  More fertilizer and herbicides on more upstream lawns?  More runoff from parking lots, roofs and streets?  Hotter summers and longer droughts?  More demand for water?  What if the stream access laws change?  What if property changes hands and is developed?

Like everything else, the Missouri changes every day.   But which way will it change?  Will it get better every day or will it go the other way?

Fortunately, there are a lot of people that love this river and a couple of weeks ago about 50 of them met to discuss forming a “Missouri River Foundation” modeled after the successful Henry’s Fork and Madison River Foundations.

Speakers included Pat Hunter who is working hard to get this bandwagon rolling, Brandon Hoffner, the director of the Henry’s Fork Foundation and Richard Lessner, the director of the Madison River Foundation.

The event was hosted by the Missouri River Ranch and included people from all the fly shops on the river, outfitters, guides, lodge owners, government agencies (like Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks), organizations (like Trout Unlimited), landowners and just plain fishermen.

The next meeting will be at the Oasis across from the gas station in Wolf Creek on Sunday, November 17th at 3:00. 

The purpose of the meeting will be to draft a mission statement, identify some folks who are willing to commit to work on this, and develop a plan to move forward.

What will the river be like fifty years from now?  We can help answer that question.


Call us for any additional information in regards to this developing foundation.

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