Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.12.15

Good times on the Mo. The high and bright sun is bothering us. Does it bother the fish? I think so.

But we fish anyway. Why wouldn’t a feller. You are here or you are coming so why not get after it.

The sun has increased sales of sunscreen but diminished the streamers leaving the building.

What is the preferred method in the sun? Nymphing I guess.

If you could have cast in the wind yesterday good on you. Today for Columbus Day we seem somewhat calmer. Somewhat.

Cooler for the week ahead but without the clouds that we so dearly crave this time of year. Love the sticky bugs in the afternoons for extended dry fly action. Do your dry fly and cloud dances in your office this week so we can get on with it all.

The bug report is as follows:

  • No bugs on the lower. Not enough at all. Pretty vacant. But we should see some soon?!
  • Good numbers in the canyon and towards the lower end. Good enough dry fly action during the afternoon periods.
  • Good numbers on the upper as well. Below Craig for afternoon love is a good idea.

We are still waiting for the bigger BWO’s. They will come.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.7.15

Bring everything with you this week ahead. Nymphs, streamers, and dry flies. Good dry-dropper action can be had whether you like the big October Caddis or Chubby with a Czech following it.  Go small too with an Adams and a small BWO pattern.

October is a good month with all of the fun folks, fun angling, football, and Playoff Baseball to keep you going.

See you here in Craig with the shop opening at 7am daily.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.7.15
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