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Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.16.13

Broken record report again today. Very good is the broken part. Sorry, it may be like this through the end of the month, into November, til Thanksgiving. The kick ass fishing , that part.

Water temps are holding and today @ 52F. Should stabilize for a few days as we peer into the future and the weather report. Average temps for the week ahead and the weekend. Mid to lwer 50’s. Bring us some clouds to weather gods. Fish gods are supportive as well, so bring it gray and leave the breeze behind please.

Seems reasonable? Yes, it really does.

Water flows at the consistent and seasonably normal 3K cfs. It is a great flow for fishing. While we commonly like it higher, in the 5-6K cfs range, we have come to love this flow. The fish are pretty stacked. Stacked like cordwood man.

The dry fly bite is good. The fish like it better when the clouds obscure the sun, but some fish can be found even in the high and bright sun. Look hard near seams, edges, eddies etc.

The nymphing? Unbelievable.

Streamer fishing. OK from day to day. Have not heard of anybody wrecking them. But, maybe those fellers are holding their tongues? Ahh, could be. Don’t tell the blogger dude a thing man…Those who have been getting a few are tossing flashy shit.

Headhunters Fly Shop open daily @ 7am to help you in any manner you desire. Need help finding a float for the day? We got you. A rental boat? Yep. Fly suggestions for those picky trout. Stop in and we will help. A guide for the weekend? Availability for sure. Rot gut perked coffee? The hub man.

The fishing report brought to you today from the information leaders on Montana’s Missouri River. We bring your the news, the fishing report, and occasionally some mild humor daily. Yes daily. Not just when it is convenient for us…that’s what separates us from the rest. Thanks for reading and see you trading bullshit stories on the porch.

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