Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.5.13

Sun and cool temperatures for this weekend. Do we like the sun this time of year? Oh, we’d rather it hide behind a enormous bank of clouds, but who can be that choosey. I like the looks of the light rain and overcast skies in the near future!

Daytime temps are very comfortable and the fishing is holding up. The morning sessions seems to be a little slower than the afternoons. The bite may not start in your area until 11am. And then it is game on!

The Pseudo hatch did not come yesterday in the run I was fishing, but it may have elsewhere. So, don’t plan your entire day around the Pseudo. But, keep in mind they do go bananas when it does occur.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Top 5 Flies for the Week

  1. Coffey’s Sparkle Minnow. Whether it be the traditional original, the Yellow and Bronzy, or the new Purple and Black, you cannot go wrong here. Some people clip it, trim it…others rock it as is!
  2. Lightening Bug. Any color any size. Get the one that gets you. The bin appeal of these guys is awesome. The trout love them too. A derivation f the classic Pheasant Tail. How can you go wrong on a river full of mayflies?
  3. Zebra Midge. A classic. A perennial favorite of both anglers and trout. Some have a Zebra Midge attached at all times. Smart.
  4. Mayfly Cripple. Light posted or dark posted, both kick ass. Any size you prefer will fool trout all day long. Some even fish it blind. CDC, poly, or hair posted will get the job done. Come in and see our large Cripple Section in our well stocked fly bins. Don’t go dry fly fishing on the Missouri River without a cup full of the Mayfly Cripple.
  5. Scuds & Sows. Rainbow Czech, Tan UV Czech, Arnold’s Sili, Ray Charles, Taiwater, Poxyback in pink, orange, gray, olive…all good choices for the Missouri River. Some with weight, some without. Dead drift it with success. Many, like the Zebra, fish this all the time, all 12 months here on the Mo. A good choice, for sure dudes.

Now that you got your flies aligned for Missouri River Montana success, get on out there. Get on over here and enjoy the river. We only have one boat ramp closed. Other rivers in this state? Not as fortunate as us. And, why wouldn’t you fish the Missouri River in October. It is just awesome.

Shop open daily @ 7am and late for late afternoon shuttles, flies, warm clothing, coffee mugs and Thermos’, socks, gloves, eye protection from Costa and Smith with a good selection of low light lenses…

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