Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 11.18.14

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 11.18.14

Sunny and warm. Warm considering the last couple weeks.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 11.18.14 Well over 30F yesterday and some folks on the water. Early cabin fever setting in as it is way too early for that oh so common winter syndrome.

What’s happening on the water you ask?

Dries. Some. Some randomly rising trout on a few tiny olives and some larger ones too. Mostly subsurface stuff with the occasional bona fide true top rise form. Stop on in th shop for the up to the minute report and some suggested flies.

Ninch still has a few more winter flies to stuff into the well stocked Headhunters fly bins. The only 12 month fly shop has the only 12 month fly selection on the Missouri River.

Midges, midges, and more midges to come soon. Until then, we will have to toss a few more BWO’s and the scarce late season caddis.

The streamer and swinging gang has been the most common group of anglers. Any number of streamer patterns will get you through the day. Sjkiddish, Bugger, R2R, Dalai Lama, Skip’s Rainbow Minnow, Mozzuri Minnow, Lord of the Fry’s, White Zonker, and all the small mini streamers. Black Mini Sculpzilla, Orange Blossom Sculp’s, Micro Zonk’s, and the like.

Nymphs? Killing it. But most are swinging for the remainder of the year. We got all the kick ass nymphin’ gear at Headhunters Fly Shop. Bobbers, split shots, nymphing leaders, split rings, Czech’s, sows, soft hackles, Firebeads, Pink Lightening Bugs.


Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 11.18.14
Still falling…

Water flows are holding at 4360cfs and as you can see the water temperatures are falling rapidly. Looks like better weather for the upcoming week and weekend too. Get out while you can, it could turn on us again. $300 Swing Season Guide Trips for those who want to cast a two handed rod all day.

Looking at 40F midweek. That feels right.

Shop open daily @ 8am for all thing Missouri River. Your 2 handed and streamer fishing HQ here in Craig.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 11.18.14
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