Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 11.25.14

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 11.25.14

Looking like light snows for the week ahead.This holiday week of Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 11.24.14

Snow? Not the first of the year and will not be the last. Not a ton is predicted but a smattering. That is usually what we get here on the eastern slopes of the Rockies nestled in the canyon fishing the waters of Montana’s finest trout stream. Montana’s Missouri River.

Swingers Abound, Angling Illness, & Weather Change

Swinging has been the theme for most but a number of nymphers were in and fishing this weekend. Some near the dam, others stretched out on the upper river.

The swingers are scattered about up and down the river. Mostly down though. Success had by all this last weekend as the wind really blew on Saturday. Like a bunch, hard, fast, ugly. Windy. Sunday much, much nicer and the number of anglers reflected the weather change. Look at the week ahead and decide if you are callling in sick early in the week, or just Wednesday.


My suggestion is to start feigning illness today, Tuesday. Then decide, based on the weather and your dislike of the boss and the office, if you will leave early today or if you will call in sick Wednesday. Smart, savvy, seasoned, and certainly cynical employees started this process last Thursday and have been fishing all weekend.


I understand that most employers will recognize this all too common sickness that precedes all holiday sessions. but that is OK. It is a long weekend and all will be forgotten as the L-Trytophan Turkey Hangover should last through the weekend.


So check out the forecast in your region and plan accordingly. If you live in or around the Missouri River Region I will let you know we have lodging at discounted rates for the winter session. The Craig Trout Camp with the Rainbow and Brown Cabins renting for $125/night and the Craig House starting at $150 for the first 2 guests and $50 per additional guest(s) up to 6. Full kitchen at the Craig House. Turkey Day on the Mo’? Why not.

There are a couple other discounted lodging options in Craig this winter. Call the shop 406-235-3447 for more details.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 11.25.14

Guided trips out this last weekend and the weekend ahead. Both regular and $300 Spey Trips. Fun.

Mark fished with Clifton of Portland Oregon Sunday pictured above and had a great day. Nymphed all day long and caught a number of nice rainbows. Only 1 brown trout in the mix. The traditional WC to Spite winter float was plenty of water. A nice drift with a good bite. Could not ask for more. Air temps in the 40’s. Wow. We’ll take a few more of those!

Hot flies were the Red Tunghead Worm and a Pink Lightening Bug. Also good were the fire bead stuff like the FB Caviar and the new Ninch creation a the Pink Firebead Sowbug. Yep, it worked too. Other hot flies filling fly cups going out the door this week include Zebra’s, all flavors of worms, FB Ray Charles, regular non beaded Ray Charles in pink and grey, with the occasional mayfly like the Pearl Lighting Bug, Red Headed Step Child, Little Green Machine, smaller S & M’s. Stop in for the best in winter flies and top shelf information too.

Not much for dry fly fishing. Translation: Pretty shitty. Some might say just awful. Nonexistent. Crossing our fingers there is something for you this Thanksgiving week/weekend.

Streamer fishing on the Missouri River? Good. Not great. But pretty good. Both the strippers and the swingers are catching enough fish to keep them happy. As we water temperature cools the retrieval rate has slowed. Some jigging the fly, some stripping more slowly that last week, and yet others just swinging it.


The beauty of fly fishing is that you get to choose. It is your game, played by your rules, and consequently you always win. Play the game for yourself, with your favorite flies, in your spots, in your own style. That is what makes fly fishing special. It’s a game played on your own terms. Always.


So are you coming out this week? We will see folks fishing in this great November holiday weather up and down the river. Love it.

Flows, Temps, and Headhunters Fly Shop

Flows are up a bit at the 4.6K range. Feels like it up too. Just a little higher on your waders and some of your wade spots are quicker in pace, others slower. Find your dream seam and fish it.

Water temps are still plunging lower but the daily air temps will help slow it a little as we are out of the below freezing pattern. Fell about 10 degrees in just over a couple weeks. 42F is the current temp and bodes well for Thanksgiving Weekend fishing Montana’s Missouri River.

Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service is in full swing as we help accommodate your fishing weekend. Lodging available here in Craig. Fly shop open at 8am daily.  On Thanksgiving Day we are open for the morning session 8am til noon. Shuttles everyday, rental boats, flies, coffee, SIMMS Sale items like wading boots and more, guides, and any Spey Rods needs you may have.

See you this weekend here in Craig.


Missouri RIver Montana Fishing Report 11.10.14
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