Missouri RIver Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 3.3.14

Welcome to March. The landscape is filled with snow, shelf ice, a bundle of birds visiting the only open water in Timbuktu!

The weather is heating up this week with air temps in the tolerable range. That below zero shit is not for any angler I know. I bet the ice fishing is good though?

The slush in the river is hampering the lower river gang as they must make their way upriver for a relatively ice free experience. The shelf ice is large, and all encompassing. Careful when fishing on, near, or in the water as the iceberg effect can dunk you if you are not careful of your surroundings.

The driving in the neighborhood is better after the weekend of snow. Not terrible.

Should you fish this week? Why not. Or book your summer trip.

Spring Special starts in 12 days!

$300 Guide Trips and Lodging @ Craig Trout Camp starting at $100. March 15th thru April 30th. Get on it.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

March is upon us, you, and the Mo River Trout. What should you look for in March? Check out our March Top 10 to get your royal fly fishing juices flowing.

Headhunters March Top 10!

  1. Midges. The big deal in March. Look for them as the water temperatures heat up. The Midge is present right now, but they will grow as the greasses green.
  2. Water flows to remain low, until they don’t. Expect the flows to remain in 3K range. If the water continues to come in snow, rain, sleet…then only smart tree huggers can guess the upcoming water flows. Summon the Missouri River Spirits.
  3. Bobber Rigs get you through the day. It is still winter. Nymphs in the deep slow water will yield the highest hooking rate.
  4. Streamer anglers get ready. As the temps come out of the cellar, the 30’s, you can expect fish to perk up. And chase…just sayin.’
  5. Warm clothing. Still winter here and we are only 20 miles off of the eastern front. Weather changes often and rapidly. Don’t let unpreparedness ruin your fishing outing.
  6. Dry Fly Rod. Bring it. The midge hatch can be brief. Be rigged and ready. It is time for 3 rods in the boat again.
  7. PINK. Let pink be your friend. Give her the reigns. It is the last month of an all Pink Parade. Get after it.
  8. New or clean fly lines. Polish or replace the vehicle that delivers the fly to the target. Fly lines, just like automobile tires do not last forever. They need to be changed for high performance levels.
  9. New Fishing License. March 1st has gone by us. That was the first day for the new license year. Stop by for a new 2014 FWP fishing and hunting license and a free cup of Joe.
  10. It is March. The new year. Let Headhunters help you get off the ground in 2014. Your 12 month Missouri River fly fishing resource. Open daily.

Give us a shout for shuttles, fishing reports, summer water guessing, lodging from the #1 lodging resource on the river, to chat with Sara or Ninch, meet a couple of the new staffers this week…see you here in downtown Craig.




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