Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 3.30.15

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 3.30.15

Headhunters Fly Shop fishing report is as follows…

While most are still nymphing anglers are branching out more and more everyday. Lots of anglers tossing the blind dry and just as many tossing the streamer fly. Both having success.

Nymphers are fishing secondary and tertiary shelf lines all times of the day. Some venturing into summer like water…with very little success. Those whoa re staying closer to the seasonal fishing norms are doing well. More consistent is the bite and in more kinds of water with more kinds of flies.

Yes, nymphing is expanding its window of possibility.

Streamer anglers are gaining strength as we move into water temps that are more conducive to trout movement and that makes this wily group smile. Sink tippers and dry liners are being seen bankside in every reach. Slwo and medium slow is the mantra.

Encourage the pause…

DFO’s are tossing any seasonal fly they desire. Big fluffy and flat low profiled and Adams like are the themes that we are sticking beside. Some good rising fish to midges here and there in that normal goofy spring midge like water. You know th type of whacky water I am commenting on if you are one of those great white midge hunters.

The dry fly bunch is coming out of their winter coma.

Water flows are holding at the 4K mark. Water temperatures are moving upwards above the 40F. level. As a Headhunters guest mentioned a couple days ago “Whoa, when it gets 42F it becomes magical.” There is some truth in that statement. The biggest part of that statement is that as the temps move higher the fish get feisty-er. The bugs do too.


Check out the trend above. Natural spring direction.  We like the longer days, warmer air temps, increase in bug activity, and the more common usage of Fly-Agra.

Lots of new stuff in  the store daily with the addition of 10+ new Headhunters Logo’d T’s and racks full of Headhunters Logo’d hats. Logo wear also from SIMMS as well as the store is nearly full to the brim!

Open daily @ 8am for all your midweek sunshine needs. Snow later in the week. We still have loads of cold weather wear for your spring time weather conundrum. Fresh hot perked coffee and hand warmers for those in need.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 3.30.15
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