Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 3.5.15

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 3.5.15

Looks like it will be warming all weekend long and into the near future.

You coming?

The fishing is good and could be great this weekend. Our last FREE 2 Handed Casting Clinic will go off on Saturday. Really warm on Sunday and thru Tuesday.

Some lodging available too. Call and get yourself a warm bed next to Joe’s Bar. And the Mo’.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 3.5.15

The nymphing game is the winner if you want to use the net. Winter fare is the key. Use split shot if you wish. A big bomb fly if you don’t. Find stagnant water and fish it hard. Hit everything.

Some dry fly stuff in the normal winter dry fly spots. Creep around with your binoculars and seek out the randomly rising trout. Cast, drift, cast, drift. Repeat.

Streamers? Yes. Smaller and flashy. Or smaller and black.

2Handed? YEs. We got the shit. All the good shit for DEMO at the store in downtown Craig.

Spring Special begins on the 15th. Get in today.

Shop open daily @ 8am. Starting on Monday shop hours 8-6 daily. Unless it is shitty. Then we will go home at 5pm. Just sayin.’

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