Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 4.26.14

Raining and sleeting out this morning as we movie into more winter here in Craig Montana.

Montana’s Missouri River is fishing well if you are prepared for the elements. Bring rain gear, hand warmers, a Thermos or 2 of coffee, a flask of whiskey, a cup-full of San Juan Worms, and a plan.

Lots of boats here this weekend as the other fantastic Montana river are out of shape. Folks from the Yellowstone, the Flathead, the Clark Fork, B-Root, Rock Creek Region, Broze-Man fellers, and many more. We are the relief valve for the state here on the Missouri River as we never blow out.

It is raining though. Should stop sometime this year? Like Monday. Totally. Back to our scheduled spring weather.


The last week of $300 Guide Trips as the Spring Special goes away in May. Get on board for the front end of this week and enjoy a cheap guide trip.

We also have a few more spots for the McCune/Gould Spey Casting Session Sunday May 4th. $200 will get you an entire day with these two Spey experts on the Missouri. Lunch included. A fun time will be had along with the top notch education.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report


Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 4.26.14

Good to great depending on who you talk to. The dry fly gang has been getting a few as the hatch improves daily. Today should bring a ton of BWO’s. Overcast, cool, moisture in the air and 50F. Just what those olives need. All you need is a box full of baetis flies and a strong reach cast.

The midgers have been doing OK too. More and more as the month passes by. Clusters are still producing well with the emerged coming a close second.

The nymphers have been having a ball. They are still gorging on the Firebead flies but the WORM is getting stronger asa lead fly. Rainbow Czechs continue to produce with the array of grey scuds fishing well too. Some are all PT all the time. Mayflies on the bottom, or filling both the top and bottom fly locations seem to be hooking a bunch of trout. Gard’s Glint Nymph and Rainbow Warriors are kicking ass. Hot Spot PT’s, Angel Hair PT’s, Red PT’s, Purple PT’s, Green PT’s, LB’s of all flavors…you get the drift? Get in and see our impressive selection of mayfly nymphs. Nearly 400 in our bins today.

Streamer anglers? Yes, getting it done. The snide is off this group and they are stripping their way to success. Still eating them on the pause. Watch and learn. Dead drifting with tension can work too. Sink tips? Yep.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Headhunters Fly Shop open daily @ 730am. Open daily late tip at least 730pm. Get your reservations for July or August today. Good dry fly action and lots of lodging still available. Operators standing by. How about the fabulous month of May? It rules too!

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