Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 5.18.14

Raining. Rain tomorrow. Warmer weather. Great fishing. Some dry fly action. Creeks seem to be running relatively clear.

That is the nut shell report. But, we will give you more today on the Headhunters Fly Shop fishing report.

Drove across the the Dearborn earlier today and the mud line is not too bad. It disappears with in a mile. The water is turbid though. Down river of the confluence it mixes by the time it gets around the corner to Mid Canon. The tribs are open nd some are fishing them. TH rain and warmer temperatures this week will dictate the upper snow run off level. I suspect we are getting into the range where we will see the effects of the higher level snows down here on the lower level. We will keep you informed here on this very fishy blog.

For more about this look at Marks Blog earlier this last week to keep up to date on the runoff possibilities.

The Dearborn is currently running at 906cfs. She will get higher as the week progresses. How high? Crap shoot really. The Little Prickly Pear Creek is running a little higher too, 324cfs, but not mudding up the river either. We are pretty fortunate that these two tribs do very little damage to our clear and clean reputation.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 5.18.14 

Nymphing really quite good. Yesterday it was red hot. Today, the mid day reports state the bite not quite as good. Good meaning real good. Not great. Remember that our good is pretty damn good. Above average for many resources.

Sows, scuds, all kinds of small mayfly patterns with the  March Brown sized mayfly nymphs fishing well too. Caddis are on the horizon and those who are trying to get the subsurface bite headed in the right direction are tying on and fishing the caddis pupa and emerged with confidence.

Remember: You do not have to see the bug in our atmosphere for the bug to work in the watery atmosphere of our trout. Keep this in mind when matching the hatch below the waterline.

Dry fly fishermen are getting a few in all the right places and some of those not so common places as well. What and where can you go to get in on this kind of action? Well firmly, keep you eyes open for tiny sipping rise forms. Then put the fly on them. You may see some splashy rises too. Out in the middle of the river they mean nothing, near the bank? Maybe something.

March Brown patterns are in vogue along with some down winged caddis that are leaving the shop and not only making into some fly boxes but onto the river as well. Be the first in your crowd to fish the caddis in 2014.

As for midges and BWO’s the trout are still interested but both of these bugs are on the way out. They are still important for the remainder of the month and specifically this week as we have inclement weather upon us again.

What will the weather do?


The NRS Inflatable Drift Boat has been out a number of times this last month since it’s arrival. You want to check this boat for you all your travels around the state. If you like to fish the Smith, the Dearborn, The Big Hole, The Beaverhead, The Blackfoot? Then you oughta entertain the IDB.Come by and check it out. Couple with a  trailer of your choosing and you are set up for the best Montana summer of your life!

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 5.18.14

Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide service open daily for all your Missouri River, Dearborn, and Blackfoot needs. We got the flies for your freestone excursions so swing by on your way to the Blackfoot. You want to fish the Dearborn this year? Let us know and we will set up the guide trip for you. Just want some suggestions? We got those too.

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