Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 5.16.24

The water downriver is clearing already. The LPP Creek has about half the volume of mud as it was yesterday. Today, half as much again. Good vis all the way to Craig. The water is green but not dirty. I’d say 4  feet still in Craig with vis not an issue until you get to the Dearborn. Then not too bad. Guides all the way to Cascade again yesterday. No fear. At least 2 feet yesterday int he canyon and beyond. I think better all week long as the flows clean up a bit.

Tons of out of area guides here on the Missouri this week and until Mid July. Until the west-side and north-side and south-side rivers recede. They all come to the Missouri. If you are headed here and need lodging please check out www.craiglodging.com.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 

Good to great nymphing depending on who you ask. Morning was better than the afternoon yesterday, but today? Gotta go to know.

Worms were on fire yesterday. Today? Try it for your lead fly and go with it. It is a fly that the fish will come to in certain conditions. A valuable tool for spring conditions.

Sows, scuds, PT’s. The same stuff for the month. May is a terrific month for fly fishing on the Missouri.

Waxing Caddis, strong BWO’s, waning March Brown and midge action. The fish after 4pm are getting excited. Lower traffic pressure, lower light, impressive rise forms. Some fish out there really getting after it.


Streamers? Yes.


The BWO’s like the overcast. The fish like the overcast. The BWO’s get stuck when it is cooler and wetter. That is why the dry fly bite is better during overcast days. The bugs stay on the surface longer.

The Dearborn is floatable over 250cfs for rafts etc. Dearborn Shuttles Daily here at HH of Craig. Will be some fishing crafts out this weekend. A short window for the Dearborn this year. We believed it would be inflatable this 2024 season. But Mothe Nature intervened and we are so happy!

Headhunters open daily @7:00 am for all your Missouri River Fly Fishing needs. Gloves, sunscreen, killer HH logo wear, Skwala and Orvis products including the new HELIOS!, RIO fly lines, SAGE fly rods, the Headhunter Dry Fly Line, accessories galore, and the friendliest staff in Craig.


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