Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 7.17.15

The fishing is getting tough.

That is the bottom line. The techy dry fly stuff is what I am commenting on. The upper river is full of anglers and most are hunting heads.

The dam is fishing well with the traditional summer nymphs working well. You know the stuff…Zebra’s, small mayflies, and whatever your fav pattern for the late summer is. Patterns fall in and out of fashion as the seasons pass. What will be the hot dam nymph this year? Only time will tell.

The middle of the river is the quietest. A reason? Try it you may like it. Some weeds in the canyon but the nymphing is good and the blind dry game is fun with lots of different types of water to play in/on!

The PMD’s continue to show daily. Not as many duns, but miraculously a decent spinner fall daily. Get on it when it happens because it will pass you by, headed downstream to other hungry mouths. Skinny diminutive patterns work best. Leave the fatty ones in your box. And the super hi-viz one too. Save it for next season.

The Trico’s hatch daily and the spinner fall at 9am. Look for calm mornings to start your day. Why not see us before you head out at 6am daily for all your river needs. Don’t be afraid to throw a caddis through these feeding fish for success too. You don’t have to match the hatch all the time. Do you?

Hoppers? Ants? Attractors?

Cooler through Saturday and warming again on Sunday. Again in the 80’s for the week ahead. The water temps are falling into the lower 60’s and we are holding at 4140cfs.

New gear daily for the fall season. SIMMS jackets, waders, hoody’s, sunshirts, hats, and much more. Your customer service driven friendly fly shop in Craig MT open nightly to 9pm.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 7.17.15
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