Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 7.8.15

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 7.8.15

No bugs yesterday. Some here and there, but not really any hatching action to speak of.

A short Trico hatch on the upper and a bit of the lower.

That is the honest poop.

Today? Who really knows. Warmer temps should bring the bugs back. Although he PMD’s did make a small appearance on Tuesday. Sunday in the cold and rain weather? Good Trico hatch in the morning. So before you begin to freak out, keep in mind that Mother Nature works in strange ways. Strange ways.

The weather for the week is forecast for sunnier skies and air temperatures on the more seasonal side. What should you do? Fish I say.

PMD’s on the entire river with the highest populations on the upper reaches. Duns still on the menu but some of those trout will give you fits while engaged in the catching/fooling game. Some reports of un-catchables showing up. You know the trout. The Un-catchable Trouts are out and about. Give them a shot. Good luck. And congrats in advance if you can it done. If not, no worries man. We all get beat buy at least a few of the good ones.

Some nice trout in the river this summer. Is it a huge fish summer? No, not really. But nonetheless some really nice fish. Still looking healthy.

Caddis are still the patterns that most are touching the rising trout with. Caddis. For years most called this a caddis river. Not necessarily a mayfly joint. And there there were some that always came for the Trico’s.

The Trico’s are into the 2nd week. You should see a pattern of morning hatches with predicatbel spinner falls late morning. Get out early and enjoy the fun.

Love the symphony of sipping trout.

The nymphing fellers are singing a bit of the blues. Difficult bite at times and the weeds can foul up the hard sexy bank. What to do? Cast off that weed and get back in the water. Ask any local angler and they will have a technique for removing the weeds from your fly and line.

Good nymphs include bigger worms, any number of smaller narrow bodied mayflies like the Military May, Peep Show, Micro May, Ju-Ju PMD, Magic Fly, Zebra’s and slender PT’s. Some have been strong arming them with bigger Tungsten PT’s, Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear’s, smaller softies, and your favorites too!

Shop open at 530am for a spell while we drift through the remainder of the month. Open early for any and all your Mo River needs. We got a ton of flies, over a dozen sunshirt models, hats galore, BUFF, SIMMS SunGloves and SunMasks, SAGE Demo Rods, RIO demo fly lines, free coffee, and the best bullshit on the Mo.


Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 7.8.15
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