Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 8.5.13

All is well in central Montana and the Missouri River is alive, and well.

No fires on our horizon with good fishing to be had by all.

The entire river is fishing well, not on fire, but well. Anglers from the Dam to Cascade and all parts in between. Less pressure in August as many anglers are fishing other parts of the state, historically. Are they now? Some. Many river restrictions on other resources around this fishy state of Montana. None here my fishy friends. While it can slow in the afternoons, the mornings and evenings are fishing strong.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Flows are a steady 3150 cfs with the gauge moving up and down a few percentage points weekly. The water temps are holding very nicely at the 63F range int he am’s, and reaching a paltry 65 in the pm’s. Nothing to worry about there.

Nymphers Unite

Nymphers are getting the job done with short an long rigs. The short fellers are 3′ without split shot. Run a tungsten fly with a small PT for all day success. Faster water is the key to the bite. While they will eat it in slower water, many are focusing on the more rapid runs. Look for the roily stuff and chuck your bugs in.

The deeper fans have been running about 5′ to 6′ with a B shot and something like a purple weight fly and a PT. Zebra’s, worms, sows, FB’s, and caddis pupa’s are all in the realm of reality these days. We see many anglers daily with different flies. Ask ten dudes, and you get ten answers. Find your love rig and get out there, and love it. If you need a hand, stop in the shop and have one of the fine Headhunters staffers set you up with the magic.

Dry Fly Fanatics

Getting out there and finding a few fish. Do not look for mega pods of trout rising to the fly. Not to be had. Trico’s are still hatching most days and will continue through the month. Some days are better than others.

Common flies are the spent PMD’s, caddis, Callibaetis,  and midge cluster patterns. The Buzzball, drowned Trico spinner, Stocking Wing, CDC & Elk, Rusty Spinner, Chartreuse Spinner, 2X Posted Midge Cluster, ants, small PMX’s, X-Caddis, softies, Translucent Pupa’s and emergers, TiltWing Callibaetis, and poly winged cripples round out our current favorites.

Fish in the am’s with good sipping trout. Fish in the pm’s up or down with ants, skittering caddis patterns, and even the beautifully big hopper. Beetles work too. Get out your gaudy boxes and peer inside…then tie one on!

Streamer Union Members

Hearing mumbling from this group of anglers. Deep, fast, and thorough is the word. Will the weeds affect your game? Does not seem to bother the hard core fellers. “Pop that shit off with your tension cast. Snap it off man. Get after it.” Some of the quotes from those getting some trout on the bigger subsurface rigs. Small works too…

Weather for the Week


Cooler this week with today being the hottest day. We will see some rain again, maybe in the form of Thunderstorms. Bring your rain gear. TI is the time of year that hail, like Saturday, can interrupt your chi. BE prepared for anything on the river.

Fly Shop Hours

Now open daily at 6am. Coffee is ready when you arrive. With the guides and most heading out @ 6 or later you can arrange a shuttle and get some hot flies of the day early at Headhunters. Sale rack is live and Demo Rods are for sale. Get your used rods today and enjoy this year! How about a new fly line. Yours not to healthy? DEMO lines daily for trial at the Mothership in Craig. Headhunters is your source not only for information, but the cutting edge fly fishing tech. See you soon, and don’t hesitate to call for an up to the minute Missouri River Montana fishing report!





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