Missouri River Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.18.13

It is as good as you are. Truth today on Headhunters Missouri River Montana Fishing Report.

Missouri River Fishing Report

Some key points to make your day here on the Missouri River even better than it already will be. Yep, sage advice from the voice of reason here on your favorite river in America.

Keep your fly in the water. No bullshit  shadow casting like you are a star in a made for television fly fishing flick. Those who keep the fly in the water the longest catch the most fish.

The oarsman is integral to your fly fishing success. If your oar boy is not participating in the game, you are boxed out too. The feller in the middle has to put his oars in the water. Your job, fly in the water. His job, oars in the water. If you are trapped inside a boat who is drifting randomly, with some downstream push movements with those overpriced paddles, well…you are done.

Understand that fly fishing and fish feeding behaviors are dynamic. Knowing that means you have to be dynamic as well. If your shit ain’t working, change it. We say this all the time. just because your Prince Nymph was on fire the last time you fished, does not mean that the trout will be interested today. Change. Change depth, flies, drift techniques, location. Be the trout.

Fish where others aren’t. First fly to the fish usually wins. Sneaking up on the enemy is the first rule of war. And it is a war out there. We win some battles but generally lose the war. That is how she usually runs out. If there are 6 boats on the left bank…I might try the right bank? Just sayin’.

Reach Cast or Mend. Fish do not eat flies that are painfully dragging. They don’t. The dry fly or the nymph does not get eaten when presented badly. It just doesn’t.

Montana September Fishing Weather


The weather is changing for the better as the fall colors take hold. Reds, oranges, yellows…are commensurate with the fall brown trout colors. Maybe you need to book your fall trip to Montana? You like fall fishing, don’t you?

Fly Shop hours are settled for the fall. 7am til 8pm daily. Feeling a little cold after the fall fishing? Stop in for warmth, for fellowship, for fishing stories, and lies.

Big Weekend Sale, the Headhunters Fly Shop Porch Sale this Saturday and Sunday. Come on by and pick up some screaming deals on gear for the fall. Bags, rods, MFC Reels, women’s clothing, HH Logo Hats, packs, Mountain Khaki, Howler Bros, and much, much more!

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