Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.2.15

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.2.15

As John mentioned in yesterdays fishing report…all over the board.

But here are some facts about September.

  • September is more consistent than August.
  • Hoppers still work in September. October Caddis too. And the thing about hoppers is that you gotta throw them to catch fish on them.
  • Streamer fishing can be really good. Or not, in September. It certainly has been good on the overcast days of which we are heading into this weekend.
  • Fewer forest fires in September.
  • Trico’s still round. They are near the end but this has been a long season. We are in week 10 of the Trico’s. Some say a poor year for the Trico fly. Maybe true. But catching fish on Trico spinners in the first week of September in week number 10 is remarkable. Fish to them if you dare.
  • The Adams is a good option in the 9th month. Callibaetis showing int he regular haunts.
  • Can be the best nymphing month of the fall. The short leash will make an appearance this month.
  • Don’t get rid of your deep rigs though. Rig two nymphing rods per the Boy Scout Mantra…
  • You don’t have to start before dawn in the latter months. But being out there first is never a bad plan man.
  • USGS.06066500.01.00060..20150825.20150901.log.0.p50Water flows above average, historical average, if you look at the chart above. Several hundred cubic feet per second higher. Huh? We truly are fortunate to live and fish here on the Missouri River. We are blessed indeed.
  • A good time to replace your summer fly lines if you are a trout bum. New fresh fly lines are better than new socks. More expensive yes, but you get in what you put in, or on in this case. Cehck out Headhunters always updated and never dusty fly line selections. Time for that new streamer line to get you into fall fishing with a bang, and less frustration.
  • Water temps bouncing around as we make our way into September. Currently about 63F. It has dipped below the 60 mark this week though. Look for more of that to come as we flirt with fall daily.
  • Look for the first sign of snow from the skies above this month too. Pack appropriately on your trip from Helena, Great Falls, and beyond. Be prepared. Some of the past Septembers have been much warmer than average. Windy and warm. Will it be the year of the early fall? The colors are a changing’ man.
  • Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 8.51.07 PM
  • The latest above front he USBR. The Song Remains the Same.

September is a popular month not he Mo. You gonna make it out? Shop open daily from 630am. Lot sharpening this weekend here in Craig with the 1st Annual Browns and Brews Festival. Come have a few in the rain. Looks like Craig will erect the ever popular Circus Tent to house this event. Crazy weather ahead. We have the SIMMS Rain gear you need. Stay warm and dry this season with the best from Montana.



Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.2.15
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