Missouri River Trout Numbers Good

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.30.13

Trout as long as your leg here on the Missouri River. Get out your high wind gear today folks as it is blowing to beat the band.

Having said that, the fishing is really, really good. The only exception being the dam. And, with the potential closure of the government tonight, that won’t be an issue as the boat ramp and campground are slated for closure as well.

Montana Fishing Report | Missouri River

Good Psuedo hatches are bringing the fish to the surface and good reports of catch rates on said bugs too. Adams. and cripples. Cripple being the important one, the Adams getting bit occasionally as we primarily use it for sight. If your sight is perfect, try the solo Cripple! You will like the results. We have dark winged crips’ in stock for just this reason. Dark or gray winged flies for sight. Try it!

Nymphing is off the charts good. Good catch rates form most all, except for the dam. The dam is for August and early September. Move away and fish fun water, as this river has 35 miles of it. Get out and explore. But, if you have to go there, do it. Leaves more water for the rest.

Could not put our finger on a favorite float this last two weeks as the spread is quite even. The wade fishermen are obviously in the upper reaches as the access is better above Craig.

Back to nymphing. Short, medium, or long rigs have all been popular as the river is large and the fish move from the depths int he am’s to the shallows as the day progresses. Worms, scuds, PT’s, Midges. All on the menu for those trout. Come into the shop for a diagram of success and a pocket full of magical flies!

Streamers? Yes. Toss ’em out and strip ’em back. ‘Tis the season for ripping streamers. We got the right stuff for you! How bout a new Streame rfly line from Rio? Make you happier my fishy friends. Clean, shooting well, fun. The 3 positive attributes of a new streamer line!


Montana Fishing ReportGood looking water temps. Baetis on the docket. See you on your favorite dry fly flat. Come on out. You deserve it.

You’ve fished the other Montana waters, now come fish the best this fall!


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