Missouri RIver Nymphing Techniques

Missouri River Nymphing Techniques | Short Leash

Some tips on how we do the short leash today on Headhunters Fly Shop Blog.

We use Palsa Tabs for the indicator on this rig. But you can get away with yarn, small Thingamabobbers, or a smaller indicator of your liking.

We call it a Marshmallow Rig when we shorten the entire rig up to a length of 18″ or shorter. Run it through a few fish and see how it goes.

Tie it up with Tungsten, or not. Find the desired depth and fool with this until you get it right. Move the indicator, the flies, the weight within the flies etc.

Be dynamic while fishing. You will find more consistent success.

The short leash is employed y most fishing guides as a stepping stone, a learning tool to advance to the single dry, or dry-dropper rig. It is also very effective during the hatch rolling through seam lines near the bank. It really is a killer operation!

Missouri River Nymphing Techniques brought to you by the information leader on Montana’s Missouri River.

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