Missouri River PMD Fishing Report

Missouri River PMD Fishing Report 6.17.14

Yes, hatches daily now.

The trout will eat a PMD, a caddis fly, BWO’s, a Callibaetis, a Sally, an attractor pattern too.

Your drift has to be good. In a  couple weeks your drift has to be perfect. The first time.

So it is a good time to be here. On the cusp. The fish are friendly still. YEs, friendly.

The boats are spread out and not much pressure, or feeling pressured. Some wade fisher-dudes but not many.

Come on in and see us for fly suggestions. Crips, emerges, spinners, and even some dun patterns are working well. I believe this is a presentation river. That the fish are interested in something buggy looking drift perfectly by the troutski. Until they don’t want it. And then I am a fan of changing to a new patterns. A techy fly pattern river as the summer progresses.


Headhunters is the source for Missouri River Specific flies.


The nymphers are getting the job down with worms, sows, PMD nymphs like the Micro May, the S & M, the Military May, Two Bit Hooker, Tung Redemption, Harrop’s Orange Soft Hackle, Rainbow Warrior, Ju-Ju PMD, and a few others too!

BWO’s popped late in the afternoon with the advent of another rain storm. Spinners and small Adams did the trick with the baetis bite.

Caddis are coming off on the lwer end and moving up to the top as the week passes us by. Probably when the air temperatures climb higher. When will that be?


The flows are predicted to go to 4100 cfs and we believe they will. Should see stable flows at that level for the summer. We like it. Would we like a little bit more water? I for one would but would get a ton of disagreement from some. The water temps are 58F with flows currently at 4700cfs.

The weather will be cool and the fishing will be hot. Call in sick today or tomorrow and we will see you on the dry fly flat of your choice.

Shop open daily @ 630am…open late too.

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