Missouri River Spring-ish Week

Missouri River Spring-ish Week

All good here in downtown Craig Montana. A couple big events this past week in Craig include the opening of Izaak’s Restaurant for the season. Open 5 days a week, Wednesday thru Sunday, for the remainder of the month 4-9pm for ribs, appetizers, house made cocktails and great beers on draft, cans, and bottles. www.Izaaksrestaurant.com

Kelli Wilson with Mo River Eats is OPEN for the Season. Order the best river lunches and have them delivered to Craig daily. Yep. Add some flavor to your day with MoRiverEats.com

Water temps 34.5F with water flows at 4000cfs.

Shop open 8am til at least 5pm with shuttles, guides, lodging, the Best Flies Under the Big Sky, and new products on the shelf this spring. Soft goods and outerwear are filling the shelves along with flies galore.

The Swingers are out there and enjoying the depth, colder temps, and bite. Leeches, Buggers, Thin Mint-ish bugs, small articulated flies, with dark being the most common color theme. Get out your soft hackles as the BWO and MIdge will get those swing fish excited as well. Soft hackle selection at House of Headhunters like no other in Montana. Your Trout Spey HQ is here on the MO!

The medium depth tips like the iMOW 5×5, 7.5’int.x2.5. T-8 is good too. Intermediate Tips have been seen on the water and are getting attention as well. Stop in for any education, gear, suggestions, types of water you should look for and the like. We are the Spey Education Leaders in Montana.  Call today to Gert your Spey Trip this spring to learn, enjoy, and net some Missouri River beauties!

Strippers taking it slow. Stripping it slow as well. Medium speed water has seen some Rainbow Trout action in knee to waist deep water, or deeper. The Brown Trout are in deeper and slower water. With the high and bright sun look for them near structures and buckets. How about a new Streamer Line this Spring? It’ll cast like Butter!

Nymphers? All good too. Sow, pink, dark water, bobber, sometimes split shot. Don’t fish that sexy water for another couple months. BWO’s in the water column. Midges too. Water temps 34.8F. Looks like a cooler week ahead with the air temps not exceeding the mid 40’s. Snow off and on as well so dress accordingly. SIMMS, Skwala, NRS, Orvis StellyZips products in store to keep you warm and dry out there.  Find the boring, non-descript, and watch the bobber. Got the New OROS bobber in stock. Check it.

Midges? Oh yeah. Not a ton yet. But coming soon! Singles, clusters, and the always good and effective Griffith’s Gnat. We have several derivations of this hyper popular multi-generational pattern that not only is great of the Midge hatch, but for Trico’s, etc. A fly you gotta have as a tailwater angler!

We will see you at the shop this week and weekend. Love to see your smiling faces! Open daily 8am.




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