Missouri River Transitions

Missouri River Transitions Fishing Report 11.15.13

Sara said it best on Thursday.

Transitions. We are in a transition period that could last a few weeks.

Perfectly put Sara. We re indeed in a period of transition, of change, of well, cooling. On all fronts.

The fish are moving from fall water to winter water. It will take the better part of a month. But, if it becomes really damn cold, bitter cold, offensively cold…it will change more rapidly. It all depends on the temperature of the water. The bugs will cease, the fish will cease moving, and rest on the bottom of the river.

Missouri River Transitions

The temps are currently 45F. Boy, enjoy the river before she falls below 40F. Then it is truly winter. Very few bugs. Except for the firebead bugs.The Golden-Eyes arrive and the days become fairly short. And cold.

The streamer fishing is good. Swinging or stripping. All good my fishy friends. Flashy, white, and black are the hot flies.

The nymphing? Standard. Firebeads, Pink LB’s, Newman’s Own, Purple LB’s, Don King, Red Headed Step Children, Indigo Child, Tailwater Tiny, Quasimodo, Quig’s Midge Pupa, Zebra’s.

Dry flies? Adams, Purple Haze, Split Wing BWO, D & D Cripple, Harrop’s CDC Cripple, Nymen’s Cripple, Quigley’s Midge Cluster, Ninch’s Knock Off Midge, CDC Hanging Midge, Buzzballs.

Again the water type. Look for slower water in the am’s. The fish will not move into the shallows til the afternoons. Or not. Remember the slower water will become a daily affair. Enjoy the swifter side of life for another couple weeks.

The weather? Becoming more exciting this weekend. Suppose-ed snow. We’ll see. The forecasters have been claiming snow for a while. Nothing on the ground? I dare yah snow-man dude.


Guide trips are $400 for the winter months. Shorter days with a  nymph focus, and hot beverages in the boat. Need a 2 Handed Trip. We can do that too. Daily. We hve a couple full time guides on board for the winter. Jared Edens and Nick Stipech. Two Headhunters Pros along for the sleigh ride. Let them row & entertain you in the boat this winter for $400/day.

Cheap lodging is back too. The 2 most popular cabins on the river @ Craig Trout Camp Brown and Rainbow Cabins rent for a mere $100/night. They sleep2 or 3 and have a Microwave, Satellite TV, Coffee Maker, small fridge, hot shower and heat. The Craig House sleeps 6 with a full kitchen, Satellite TV, Gas BBQ, big comfy couches, and walking distance to Joe’s Bar. The Craig House rents for $50/head per night minimum 3 guests. So it starts at $150 and an add’l $50 per head beyond.

The restaurant scene in the canyon is as follows: The Oasis in Wolf Creek is open daily for breakfast lunch, and dinner. The Frenchman & Me as well. Downstream the Missouri River Inn is open Wednesday thru Sunday. Dinner only Wed-Thurs. Izaak’s is closed for the season beyond Christmas Parties.

Headhunters Fly Shop open daily @ 8am. Call today for your early season lodging including guides too. The phone is ringing with tons of bookings for June. May is filling at a good clip too. If you need July lodging or guides…call soon. Preferably before X-Mas. Those who believe they are getting the jump on lodging…that means now. January is not considered booking early for peak seasons.


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