Missouri River Winter Trout Candy

Missouri River Winter Trout Candy for Bobber Lobbers

Nymphing is the primary fish catching method of any winter trout fishery.

The Missouri River is no different.

So why not toss the sowbug. We have a ton of sows in stock and ready for winter angling.

At any given time you can throughout eh sow or scud. Most of the time some sort of sow/scud is attached to the end of our nymphing rig.

30 patterns above for a diverse batch of not only anglers but of trout. Some with beads ad some without.

Add a split shot and watch these sink to the feeding lane of your choice.

Soft inside lanes in nearly stopped water. Fish it if you can stand it. Most new anglers to the Mo’ do not spend the time int he right kind of winter water. They will learn. Fish the painfully slow inside lines…if you can.


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