Monday How to Survive August Post

Monday How to Survive August Post

Fish in the morning. That is the biggest tip there is. For the summer sessions. Definitely.

The evening shot is short, and hot. And may not pay off.

Do both if you please, or if you are local. Walk down to the bridge at 7pm and see if a few are poking their heads up.

The caddis near dark fest is about over. So the late show is not as consistent as the breakfast buffet.

Go early. And when the sun begins to burn your skin, head towards the ramp. And then a shady spot.

The weeds are here and there. Fewer towards the dam. But on any given day they can either drive you to drink, or…October they begin to disappear. Some years. Other years. The weed nightmare will continue into the fall. I don’t believe that will happen this year as the weeds have not grown to the surface as they do in some years. But every year is different and this qualifies for an average year.

The breakfast sesh should include blind fishing hoppers or ants. Posting up on a few Trico feeders, approaching delicately, and insuring a a couple slack line presentations. Then tying on a Zirdle and running on home.

Enjoy the week. Cooling here! We like that.

September and October and November ahead of us. Looking forward to Swing Season.

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