Monday Missouri River Fishing Report 9.19.22

Monday Missouri River Fishing Report 9.19.22

Feeling pretty good about the year as we squeaked outta a desperately lean spring into an average water year. And we are so thankful.

Weeds about average out there. Fishing about average. Traffic about average. Weather pleasantly average. Smoke gladly vacant. Flows totally average. Water tempering south, slowly.

Ahead for the next 6 weeks? Could be average. Could be above average. We are betting on the latter.

Some baby BWO’s out there occasionally. Callibaetis sometimes. A random October Caddis. A few flying ants. Hold out grasshoppers.

Nymphers sow buggin’, riding the Zebra, jerkin’ the Zirdle around, dead drifting the nymphal green mayfly.

The streamer junkies are smiling. Battle the weeds and win. Little black leeches cast with pea shooter precision will fill the net.

Swingers starting to march. October Caddis softies? Or the aforementioned streamer suggestion. Both? At the same time?!

Got lots of flies for you in the shop. Stop whenst in Downtown Craig and check us out. Here daily 7am.


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