Monday Morning Montana Missouri River Fishing Report 6.20.22

Monday Morning Montana Missouri River Fishing Report 6.20.22

Raining hard here today. Expecting an inch. That is a bunch.

Will the two trips blow out? The Dearborn and Little Prickly Pear? Probably. Will it damage the fishing here? Ohh, maybe the left side outta LPP for a few miles, the Dearborn remains to be seen. It may not happen either. Just speculation here today.

PMD fishing is, fire.

Caddis coming on strong.

Nymphers doing well. Lots o f hook ups. Sows for the time being with the PMD nymph holding its own. Caddis nymphs too. In the rain, the dirt snake can rule!

Flows falling to 5800cfs today. Will continue to fall as the week progresses.

Most are nymphing out there.

A few or tossing dry flies.

In the rain the bugger chuckers can rejoice. Low light conditions make this game rewarding.

Swing up a few on a caddis soft hackle, emerge, leech, or PMD soft hackle too. Stop in for a two handed rod primer. Headhunter is your education source of all things trout spey in Montana, and the only representation of Trout Spey in these parts.

Lots of displaced anglers here from the Yellowstone and parts unknown. We are receiving phone calls for guide trips, lodgings and add’l services. Give us a shout if you need assistance, but be forewarned that we are in peak season, and most, if not all guides and nightly rental properties are full. If you hav e a night open, or an open guide, we will gladly help. But, options are slim. 406-235-3447

Be patient out there. Be nice. Cast well. Enjoy your day.

It’s Monday, and the fish are rising.

Caddis, Dam, June, PMD, Water LEvels
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