Montana Winter Fishing

Montana Winter Fishing Report 2.25.16

Montana Winter Fishing

Montana Winter Fishing has brought us weather warmer than average. River level lower than average. Fishing about average. Some days.

The weather of course seasonably warm with some daytime highs int eh id 60’s like this Friday. Cooling a bit over the weekend but still warm. A good weekend to fish, fer sure.

Dry Fly Report

Hit and miss. The last hour before dark seems to be the the best part of the bite. The rest of the day depends on location, wind, air temp, water temp, and a whole bunch of other factors that we cannot control or even be aware of.

The upshot? Carry your dry fly rod and be ready to cat if and when prompted. Clusters, single midge patterns, some sort of small emergent bug. Or a big Adams or Buzzball.

Nymphing Report

Hit and miss. No rhyme or reason to the location really. Anglers are putting the flies in the right areas with pretty inconsistent results. Anglers fishing the soft inside bends and mid paced waters finding a bunch of fish some days. Not so many others.

One thing we do know is that fish are being found in where water speed seems to be quicker than you would normally fish in the dead of winter.

Flies? If you have read a fishing report in the last 4 months you already know. If you don’t? Tie on the gaudy shit in your box. Fruity flavors rule.

Streamer Report

One or the other. Flashy flies or subtle woody and earth toned buggers, closers, leeches.

Fish found in soft to mid-soft runs with the depth seeming to be the most important factor. Most fishing with the Trout Spey rod are throwing Skagit Heads w/ 10′ T-8. Some tossing a shorter length of T-11. Those casting the Scandi set up are tipping out an intermediate tip. Get below the faster surface water tempting those winter trout in those riverwide undulations.

Single handed anglers stripping slowly with constant contact. Of course they eat it on the pause but we feel it on the strip. Mostly.

Two Handers jigging with some swinging. Do both and find out which movement pattern the trout are keying on. Try everything.

Water Flows & Water Temps

Water flows are at a winter level of 3660cfs with water temps @ 36F. Getting used to these winter levels. Will remain the same for some time. Until something breaks loose. Like a winter storm or something.

No precipitation in sight. Not for the next 10. Nothing measurable. Start doing some rain and snow dances. A jig perhaps in your office today. Pour yourself a glass of red wine if you need to loosen up before you embarrass yourself.

Thanks for catching up with us and the Montana Winter Fishing Report. Your web stop for the most accurate and updated transparent Missouri River Fly Fishing information on the web. Thanks for reading. And when in Craig stop in and say hello.

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