New Abel Reels in Stock

We’ve just received a new batch of new graphics from Abel, and also a NEW REEL! Yes, the long awaited for Abel SD (Sealed Drag) reel is here, and we have two in stock, We actually received a couple late last summer. They both lasted about 2 hours in the reel case before they were spotted and purchased.

New for 2016 is the Derek DeYoung Cutthroat Flank, which doesn’t really look like a Cutthroat to me, but the colors are absolutely incredible. it would look great with a wide variety of fly rods. Impressive. Probably my favorite trout skin from Derek.

The new SD reels we have ordered in a straight color with Brown Trout graphics on the drag knob. A little more subtle and less artsy than the traditional “all-over” fish skins on the Super Series.

Check them out in the Online store. They always go fast, and it takes a while to resupply.

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