New Breed Chicks Rule Gigi Edition

New Breed Chicks Rule Gigi Edition

One of our favorite people Gigi with this Brown Trout on our New Breed Chicks Rule Gigi Edition.

Gigi and Terry are fixtures at the shop. Well more Terry than Gigi but we really love seeing Gigi around.

And Terry too. But we love gals around the shop. So to all you gals, we love you and we love guiding gals.

They learn faster than the male counterpoint. Honest. They do.

And women are a ton of fun in the boat. They get the entire deal. It is not always about pounding on them. It is about the enjoyment of the day. And I gotta say it is quite refreshing!

Thanks Gigi for gracing the pages of the Headhunters Blog today and we of course look forward to fishing with you again.


Brown Trout, New Breed Chicks Rule Gigi Edition
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