New Breed Chicks Rule Shalom Edition #2

New Breed Chicks Rule Shalom Edition #2

New Breed Chicks Rule Shalom Edition #2

Shalom Thomas fishing with HH Guide Dewey this past Friday.

Shalom and husband Marty, straight outta the North Shore in Oahu, have been here on the Mo a number of times and this is the second time Shalom has graced the New Breed Chicks Category. The previous time she was fishing with Mark on the Blackfoot River in August 2017.

They fished here a day, then headed south to stay away from the snow and blizzarding conditions forecast here in central Montana. They did not make it though. Snow caught them in Bozeman. They may be sneaking dowstream heading to the Green for a day of fishing this coming week. Good luck Marty and Shalom. See you again soon!

Here on the river today blowing hard from the north (upriver) at 20+mph. Snowing. Blizzarding. Cold. Not great fishing weather. All of our guests raised the white flag early this morning. Guides? Guides will fish. It is how they make the mortgage payment. By going out daily regardless of conditions. Gore-Tex and wool gloves coupled with piping hot chicken broth will get you through the wet and cold times. And a boat heater.

Tomorrow? Only the weather gods know.

The water will remain  at this level for a period longer. How much longer? IDK. Ask the weather gods if they have an inside line on the water gods for us.

Fishing relatively inconsistent. Tough many would say. 5-10 to hand on a nymph for the boat is considered doing well. Getting some large trout out there though. Nice. to see.

BWO’s spotted by HH Guide Guru Lindsey Channel a couple days ago. They are on the cusp. I have not seen any. Tomorrow? Today in the high wind, snowy, blizzard not eh lower river? Probably.

May is gonna be epic. I feel it.

Enjoy the Sunday vibe. We are mostly inside conserving energy for the May-fishing-fest ahead of us!

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