Orvis Helios Models Defined w/ Shawn Combs

Orvis Helios Models Defined w/ Shawn Combs

You’ve seen a few videos about this rod already I’m sure. The hype is pretty big. Does it stand up to other rods in the category? And what is the difference between the two families, D and F.

Fished this rod the other day. The Helios 5 wt F coupled with the Headhunters Fly Line.


Accurate. Light in hand. Not a difficult rod to handle, learn, enjoy…at all. Pleasant for sure. Again, accurate.

It stands up with the few rods you could compare it too. Pretty damn nice casting rod, feeling rod, fishing rod.

Ease of use is a factor this author appreciates. I don’t want to invest too much time “figuring out” a fly rod. And the Helios taxed me for about 3 casts. Joyful.

Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig near the banks of Montana’s Missouri River has Helios demo rods available when you want to give it a whirl. Take it for a spin. Put it through the paces…

Come in 8am daily for the Orvis Helios Experience!

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