Absolute Flat Mono Shooting Line


HEADHUNTERS SAYS This new mono shooting line from Scientific Anglers is the best stuff we’ve tried. Period. Once it’s stretched it falls off your reel like fly line. While no mono is “tangle-free”, this is about as close as it comes. It fishes well in all temperatures, and the flat profile is a little easier to hold under your finger. Most importantly, it screams through your guides and delivers the distance we need on the Missouri with no effort. Another benefit is that it’s super affordable!

WHAT SIZE? We primarily use the 25lb for our Ultralight Trout Spey Outfits. You could opt for the 35lb if you’re looking for a little better grip and easier handling. 35lb would also be our choice for Summer Steelhead in the lower 48. We would reserve the 42lb for our BC Summer Steelhead rigs, and the 50lb for Winter Steelhead and large Salmon.


  • Rectangular profile reduces line twist and increases grip in fingers
  • Hardness is tailored per size for optimal shooting with low memory in any condition
  • Vibrant colors that are easily tracked at distance
  • Available in 30m reel fill spools or 600m bulk spools


25lb / 11,3kg YELLOW 0.017″ / 0,43mm 14.95 199.95
35lb / 15,9kg ORANGE 0.019″ / 0,48mm 14.95 199.95
42lb / 19,1kg CHARTREUSE 0.022″ / 0,56mm 14.95 199.95
50lb / 22,7kg OPTIC GREEN 0.025″ / 0,64mm 14.95 199.95

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25 lb., 35 lb., 42 lb., 50 lb.


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