Brindle Chute

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HEADHUNTERS SAYS If you like to blind fish the banks with a single dry, then the Brindle Chute should be in your box. It covers everything from PMD’s to Caddis to March Brown’s. This Montana original is also mandatory during mid and late summer on freestone rivers like the Blackfoot.

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2 reviews for Brindle Chute

  1. Rick Lester

    This fly is so effective it has become the “magic” fly in the Missoula area and down the Bitterroot. Its power is that it looks like so many different possible bugs. Works on lakes also and freestones all over the region.

    • Mark Raisler

      Agreed Rick. Love that fly!

  2. Chuck Stranahan

    Thanks guys. I kinda like that bug, too. Rick’s tie of the BC is my preferred version for my shop, as I can’t keep up with the demand myself. He does a great job with it. Mark, if you’re reading, PM me.
    – Chuck

    • Mark Raisler

      Chuck I’ll call you.

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