Sparrow Fly Tying Kit


Our JUST ADD VISE fly tying kits are super popular, and we’ve added some new patterns for the 2019 season. These kits are designed for tyers who have grasped the basic moves of fly tying, and are priced just as if you bought the materials individually. The package comes with everything needed to tie 2 dozen flies, and has a material list included so you can re-supply when needed. You can watch our short “how-to” videos if you need help with a step or two. These are also great for those camped out on the Missouri River. Just make sure you have your vice, scissors and bobbin. If not, we have that stuff as well!

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Jack Gartside’s Sparrow is an old school soft hackle tied with natural materials that we use to imitate a number of bugs on the Missouri River. It can tied in countless sizes and colors, but we find this natural/olive version to be the most effective over the course of the season. This fly is mandatory for Trout Spey fishing in the autumn.


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