Amadou Boat Patch – “BMF”


HEADHUNTERS SAYS From the warped mind of Ben McNinch comes the Jules Winfield “BMF”Amadou Wallet, paying tribute to one of our favorite flicks, Pulp Fiction. We use Amadou constantly to help reconstitute our soggy fish-slimed little dries, and consider it an essential piece of our dry fly kit. The “BMF Boat” is a full size, 3.5”x4.25” double-sided Amadou wallet – the same size as a standard leather wallet. This will dry your little CDC patterns and big hoppers, but it will also be the hot topic at the boat ramp! The price may shock you, but Amadou is spendy stuff, and this is the best we’ve found, harvested by real trolls in European forests. We have added a smaller sized version, the “BMF Walker” for those looking for an Amadou patch for their lanyard, vest or pack.

Of course, we’ve had to censor the image, but rest assured, when somebody asks you which Amadou wallet is yours, you’ll be able to say, “the one that says Bad Mother _______!”


Adults only, please…

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