Wulff Ambush Short Fly Line


HEADHUNTERS SAYS: The all new Wulff Ambush SHORT is an excellent choice for modern ultra-light Trout Spey rods. Like the standard Ambush line, this is an integrated shooting head designed for single and two-handed spey and roll casting. If you’re looking for a do-everything, integrated spey line, this is worth checking out. We recommend Poly Leaders or the shorter SA Sonar tips if you want to use the Ambush short as a sink tip system.

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A recent addition to the Triangle Taper family, floating Ambush lines are our most successful introduction. A West Coast influenced design for single-hand casting, single Spey, Skagit, scandi, switch, and double Spey. Now in heavier weights to 600 grains. Originally designed for roll casting in close quarters, the short 20’-29’ heads are ideal for quick-loading. With J3 coating and welded loop. 195-600 grains.


TT-6-F @ 18’ 235

TT-7-F @ 20’ 265

TT-8-F @ 20’ 290

TT-9-F @ 24’ 350

TT-10-F @ 24’ 400

Ambush Fly Line


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