Truly a rambling short today on the Headhunters Blog from Shane of Headhunters Fly Shop. Shane might be deep into the Bailey’s this morning as he writes this piece. The holidays is nearly over and we will find a couple months of peace before the beginning of peak season in April sometime.

Thanks Shane! Warm dreams to you and yours this Christmas.

Shane Wilson here with today’s Headhunters Blog.  Been cold here in Cascade and Craig, MT.  Somewhere in between -20 and 40 above for the last two weeks. Of course, this is to be expected this time of year, but it never quite sinks in until I’m  standing by a fire with my beautiful wife, Kelli, a twelve pack deep, zero degrees outside and talking about the Keys. It comes up that I have only  I’ve boated a few Tarpon my life all the while being warm in some esoteric sense…because, once again, of this beautiful place that is the Missouri River.

As we look forward to 2017, Kelli and I will be greeted by new opportunities to continue surrounding ourselves with all the beautiful people who we’ve come to know over the past two years in such a magnificent place. The Missouri is truly profound in the simplest way!

Opportunity to thrive is key with any job or venture, but the opportunity to surround yourself with people of the highest insight can not be described by words alone. Gratitude is best lived!

So, as the temps continue their dance, I’m reminded of the Keys, the people I’m surrounded by, baseball games, and the opportunities ahead. Warmth is relative to the experience. We’re staying warm!

HH Ramblings, Shane Wilson
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