Saturday Canyon Update

Saturday Canyon Update

Saturday Canyon Update

Fished the canyon yesterday. Not too bad. Been a while since I had been down there and enjoyed the float.

Fished an October Caddis Dry the entire time, save for a spell when we tossed the streamer. And got one on the streamer. Black Leech.

Saw a few fellers swinging down there. A couple hooked up.

Weeds not too bad. But still in play for sure. Another couple weeks I guess. They don’t bother me too bad, but I’m on the sticks, the other 9′ sticks in the boat. Two of ’em in fact…

Best fly was the Translucent Emerger sz 14. An X Caddis came in second. One big one on the October Caddis as well.

There were some boats in the canyon and will expect to see more daily as the month progresses. October is fun, and enjoyable, and sometimes windy, and sometimes a great BWO hatch will happen.

Cool mornings have become the norm with warmer than average daily air temps accompanied by wind. Yuck. Bring on the normal October weather. But not that sub zero shit we have had the past couple years. Let’s wait til December for that kind of weather.

Guide boats out there daily. Looks pretty strong fo the remainder of the month. Come out and join us this fall. October and November rule!

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