Saturday State of The Mo August 1st 2020

Saturday State of The Mo August 1st 2020

Saturday State of The Mo August 1st 2020

Warming up as we speak. The water temps are rising and the weather will be hot this coming week. Temps near or above 90 for the coming ten days.

Weeds will be apart of this warming trend.

Flows 5K. Temps 64.5 this morning.

Better fishing towards the dam. At least more consistent.

Pretty weedy and tough in the canyon and beyond. Not many folks around though.

Carp fishing has been good.

Swingers are out there getting them early in the day. Get out there with your Trout Spey rod. Caddis, PMD, and Trico soft hackles along with larger sewing patterns. Swing into Headhunters for your Trout Spey Gear HQ and info center. All the lines, leaders, tips, rods, reels and accessories you need for a great swing session not he Mo.

Dry fly fishing is and has been pretty hard. The Trico spinner falls have been strong yet the fish have not always responded with rising trout love.

The early game is good. Afternoons not so cool while the air temps being this hot. Evening report have been a few on the good and a few on the bad. Must depend on the night and reach. All are in at Dam, WC, or Craig for the evening sessions. Shuttles in by 5pm please if you are getting your night shuttle with Headhunters.

Nymphing is good. Caddis Pupa, Zirdles, Rubblerlegs, Crawfish, larger PT’s for the Callibaetis and PMD’s remains, small as shit Pseudo patterns reminiscent of the Little Green Machine and it’s assorted family of patterns that include narrow bodied tech mayfly nymphs. Headhunters has got you covered in this realm with the entire catalog of gotta have fly patterns fully stocked for your fishing pleasure.

Saturdays are crazy out there. Crazy.

Hoppers are good. Ants are good.

August weekdays will be quiet. Come out if you live locally and fish the morning beat.

Headhunters open daily at 630am.



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