Saturdays on the River

September Saturdays on the Missouri River

Looks like we are back into the late summer mode here on the Mo.

Last week shitty weather with good fishing and now after a couple days of warmer and that big ball of fire in the sky we have moved into a more difficult period. The cooler nights have been keeping the water temps lower but yesterday it ramped up a bit.TOdayThe future is more of the same. High and bright. So what does that mean for the fishing? Decent at the very least.

The fun part of the summer bite it that it does include a few top water terrestrials. Got a few on a hopper  Friday afternoon blind fishing in fishy water. Ants continue to be pretty hot as well. Blind fishing them or even tossing to rising fish.

The streamer fishing has gone south as of late due to the water mentioned above. But, still few fellers tossing the big fly. Some success with a few hours of work. Hot flies include more of the flashy fly stock.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.17.15
John Tomlinson hooked up on the MO

Short leashing not as good int he sun. Without the welcomed baby BWO hatch the fish do not fill up the eddy lines or recyclers. So you gotta be more creative. The nymph fish are holding in that faster water. But, but the report from many guides and bank anglers is that the nymph bite was slow yesterday.

I had the same result. Go deeper is an option . Put on that splits shot and get ’em deeper. The weeds can be difficult but do not let them get ou down. Learn the Missouri River weed snap and keep on fishing away.

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