Silly Sunday Scenery | Summer

Silly Sunday Scenery | Summer Love

Ahh, summer dry fly days.

Posted up on rising trout. No rush. They are feeding.

No rush here this winter either. The fish are trapped in the river.

The water temps are currently in the 35F range. Pretty cold.

Silly Sunday Scenery | Summer Love

While the daily dry fly time frame is narrow now, it is large enough to drive a bus through in the mid summer.

Mid June through mid August is the primary summer hatch cycle. Although the Missouri River dry flies hatch from mid March until mid November yearly. Many like the heart of the summer and return yearly.

It is more in the summer. More people, more pressure, more rising trout, and some say more fun.

Dry fly action dawn til dusk is always appreciated and liked.

Are you coming this summer?

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