Skwala Fishing Carbon Jacket is for Spring Weather like TODAY!

Skwala Fishing Carbon Jacket is for the Spring!

Spring weather typically will bring many conditions throughout the fishing day. This spring is no different. Today winter like conditions, along with spring like conditions, mixed with the NORTH WIND (upriver yuck!) will push you towards your 3 season gear.

Hopefully you got it in your car, truck, pack, boat! The Skwala Carbon Jacket is just what you need. Unless you brought your Skwala RS Jacket today, more 4 season-ish, and then you got that on, right?

Well received by many long time guides and industry anglers Skwala is taking off here in Craig Montana. The comfort level of the soft shells including the 3/2 Puffy and the Fusion Hybrid is exceptional. Spoke with legendary Montana guide McKee yesterday and he loves the Fusion. He also is enjoying the Carbon Waders, the 3 season convertible Skwala wader. More on those waders later next week. A hint: We love them!

Sleet, snow, rain, wind and rain, wind, and sunshine. All in the dame day? Yep. Sometimes all in the same hour.

Need a new rain and wind jacket for the next 5 years? Check out the Skwala Carbon Jacket at Headhunters.

Try this one on and see us in downtown Craig Montana.

Lightweight, easy to use, neutral color, and actually attracts fish.

Available at Headhunters, Skwala, Skwalal Fishing Products
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