Streamer Fly Lines

Streamer Fly Lines for Winter Fun

We got the Streamer Fly Lines for your winter excursions here on Montana’s Missouri River.

Headhunters Fly Shop is flush with them. We never stop thinking, or dreaming, about trout fishing. The Missouri River is a 12 month game, and we are all in!

Streamer Fly Lines for Winter Fun

As the water temperatures continue to decline, we are changing our fly lines accordingly. Dry lines will work for the summer months. Intermediate tips will happily get you through the autumn months. Type 3 as the metabolism falls with H2O temps below 40F. Type 6 is for those who will fish the streamer until their fingers freeze to their fly reel!

The bottom line is that the right streamer fly line for winter trout fishing success is paramount.


If the trout does not see the fly, for some reason they don’t eat it as often?


Come in and get the right streamer line for you. We even have tips that you can add to your dry line, or additionally to your streamer line for added depths. Keep in mind that you cannot make the wrong decision with us at Headhunters Fly Shop. All fly line purchases guaranteed! We want you to have the right tool for the job at hand.

If you have not updated your streamer line in the last 5 years, or even the last decade…you really need to feel how the new tapers cast. Unreal and unbelievable are two of the words I use. Squeeky had stepped out of the streamer chucking realm for a number of years until the creation of the RIO Outbound Series. Made a world of difference. Fewer false casts, easier exiting from the water to the air, and longer throws had me jumping for joy.

And then, the tug.

You really cannot beat the tug.

As they say, the tug is the drug.






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