Strike Foundry Indicators

Strike Foundry Stealth Indicators

Lots and lots of bobber on the market today. Lots of choices.

Strike Foundry was created by Chef Marko to increase sensitivity and sight. The two most important aspics of any good strike indicator. Feel and vision. Period.

Strike Foundry Stealth Indicators

Strike Foundry Stealth Indi’s are just that. Stealthy and highly sensitive to subsurface movement of the fly.

There have been may bobbers that have down the pike in the recent past. Thing-A-Ma-Bobber held high court for some time but there is movement in the Indi World for sure.

Strike Foundry is pushing hard. Easy to throw, extremely lightweight to detect even micro movements from trout living and eating below the surface. Sometimes on the bottom. Check them out on your next trip through the store in Craig.

3 Ways to Rig

In Line

In Line. The simple and easy route. Not too good for our fishing here on the Missouri River as we need to detect subtle indicator movements. But it is one of the 3 ways to rig.

Strike Foundry Indicators
In Line Rigging


Loop Over

Loop it over like you would any similar bobber. Easy, easy to move, easy to detect strikes. Hit ’em hard! Double it if you want it to stay longer. Loop it over, then twist 1/2 turn, and loop again. Easy peasy.

Loop it over for fishing success.


Right Angle

Right Angle style is our favorite way to rig the Strike Foundy Indicator. Using the gray portion as the bottom of the rig, tie in 2 pieces obviously at right angles to each other and fish away. This style of rigging gives you the ability to see the direction of the fly in relationship to the fly line. Works perfectly.

Strike Foundry Indicators
The Right Angle style. We like this the best!

I enjoy the Strike Foundry Bobber because of the Right Angle usage. Super sensitive for the most discerning of indicator anglers. It rules. Lots of color ways coming to the shop soon. I even hear there is a special color way coming…more on that later.

Strike Foundry is headed up by our friend from the Driftless Region in SW Wisconsin.A dream to get a better indicator not he market. Good work Marko. We love the product.

Stop in and see the bobber selection at Headhunters which is extensive and will include the Strike Foundry Indicator this week!

Check out the Strike Foundry Website here and the Strike Foundry Facebook Page here. Enjoy!


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