Sunday Fishing Report

Sunday Fishing Report

If you are not watching the Sunday Football Spectacular on your couch or cleaning the garage you may be fishing. Or hunting. Or napping on that couch.

If you are near the Missouri River you may be fishing. If you are fishing, “Good Luck!”

While luck is a piece of the puzzle, it plays a small role in the overall fishing picture.

The first thing I should have learned about trout fishing is that the biggest piece of that large puzzle is…

Either they are biting, or they are not.

And sometimes the trout have their mouths taped shut.

Sunday Fishing Report

The fishing is getting better daily. As John wrote recently the Two Handed game is heating up too. Streamer fishing, stripping it, is pretty good as well.

The nymph bite? Great. Short with scuds, sows, BWO nimps, etc.

Sunday Fishing ReportDry fly anglers? Pretty good. Not many bugs at all. And certainly not with the advent of the sun and the high winds. Two variable that do not equate in the dry fly game. Midge patterns can be good when the trout are eating shit that you cannot identify. Junk flies should be included in this conversation. Midge clusters, CDC Hanging Midge, CDC Midge Emerger, Purple Phase, Buzzball, Grifftith’s Gnats, and the like will get some attention.

The weather for the week ahead is filled with cooler temperatures and more activity. Rain, then snow along with not much wind. Much better than the sunny windy conditions we endured yesterday and today.

$400 Guide trips start on the 16th. Cheaper lodging too.


Visit Craig this off-season for a quiet on-season fishing experience.

Sunday Fishing Report
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