Sunday July 18th Fishing Report

Sunday July 18th Fishing Report

Flows 3300 cfs. Water temps reached 68F at the dam yesterday, Saturday, but today held at 65F. Regulations coming?

Fish early. Off early. Shop open at 530am for all your early morning needs including shuttles.

PMD’s? Done. For all intents and purposes. See you again in 2022. Should carry a rusty spinner or two if needed.

Caddis? Bouncing around in the early am. Spents? Yes. Skittering? Sure. Emergers? Always. I love an X-Caddis. A Translucent Caddis or Pupa is smart. Outrigger? You bet. King’s River? Henryville for the classic crowd…yessir.

Trico’s. The next big thing we have for at least month. Spinner fall late morning. Hatch about 8am onwards. Spinners, Quig’s Cluster, Buzzball, Griffith’s Gnat, all the derivations of Double Winged Trico Spinners, Reneball Purple, CDC Cluster, Stalcup’s Double Posted Cluster, and version of a Harrop Trico Spinner, Trico CDC Cripple, CDC Emerger RS-2 style.

Dead Drift it. Dead Flies Don’t Swim.

Guide trips out daily. On early, off early.

Smoke in the air. Some days better than others. Lots of wildfires in the state, and beyond. Stay safe!

Most fishing up near the dam. Or toss a hopper downriver.

The public has vanished along with the clear skies. Not too many rec anglers out there. The wade fishers have cleared out. Lots of family floaters this weekend. Looked like fun out there. The Mo is a resource for all.

Lots of wade fishing opportunities. Take advantage of the river and its current depth. Get out fo the boat and enjoy.

Swing a few flies if you want a new challenge. Fish like caddis flies swung on a single hander. Or a two hander. Take a break form the bobber and swing a few.

Nymphers right down the middle. Tertiary shelves as well. Fast, or fast and deep. Or deep.

Keep it here on this very blog if you want the up to date info regarding water temperatures, and possible upcoming Hoot Owl angling restrictions. Headhunters is your information source of all things Mo.

Open daily 530 am til 8pm. Call anytime at 406-235-3447 or 877-DRY-FLYS


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